Wind power record in January 2024

January brought more wind power than ever before. According to IG Windkraft, a total of 1,148 GWh of wind power was generated in January 2024, which is 20.7 per cent of Austria's electricity consumption.

January 2024 brought a lot of wind to Austria. Never before has so much wind power been generated in January as in 2024. 53 per cent more wind power was generated compared to the average of the last five years. With 1,148 GWh of wind power, 20.7 per cent of Austria's electricity consumption was covered last month. On an annual average, wind energy currently supplies 12 per cent of electricity consumption.

"Winter is wind energy season," says IG Windkraft Managing Director Stefan Moidl happily: "Wind power can really come into its own at precisely the time when a lot of energy is needed. These figures show this once again in an impressive way."

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