An early Christmas package full of positive resolutions and green light for more wind power in Upper Austria!

Not the Christkind, but our mayors have given us an early Christmas present: In all five local communities - Munderfing, Schalchen, Maria Schmolln, St. Johann am Walde and Lengau - the local councillors have recently approved the "dedication for wind turbines" planned in Upper Austria as well as other important steps for the planned Kobernaußerwald wind farm!

With their clear commitment to the regional expansion of wind power, up to 19 wind turbines could generate 250 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity in the future and thus make an important contribution to the energy transition in Upper Austria.

The Kobernaußerwald wind farm, an extension of the existing Munderfing community wind farm with six wind turbines, is being developed as part of a regional partnership, a consortium consisting of the three strong partners Energie AG Oberösterreich, Österreichische Bundesforste AG and EWS Consulting GmbH.

"As a Munderfing-based company, we are delighted that the mayors and local councillors have given their approval for the wind farm expansion in the region. The existing Munderfing wind farm has already been successfully demonstrating the economic utilisation of wind energy in the Kobernaußerwald for almost 10 years. An expansion at the site is a logical investment for the future in terms of the energy transition," says Joachim Payr, Managing Partner of EWS Consulting GmbH and Chairman of IG Windkraft Upper Austria.

As a technical planning office with almost 30 years of experience in the realisation of wind power projects throughout Austria, EWS Consulting GmbH is also responsible for the planning of the Kobernaußerwald wind farm.

Following the positive municipal resolutions as a milestone for the continuation of further planning, we are now rapidly moving on to the environmental impact assessment, which is scheduled to start in 2024. We expect a legally valid EIA decision and the construction decision in 2026. From today's perspective, the wind turbines should go into operation in 2028.

Press release (in German) "Major approval for the Kobernaußerwald wind farm", from 19.12.2023

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